Underwriting Management Agencies (UMA)

Guardrisk's Underwriting Facilities Division provides underwriting managers with:

  • Access to the Guardrisk insurance licences
  • Reinsurance capacity and support by the direct insurance and reinsurance markets based on a mutually beneficial structure
  • Technical capabilities and experience, including detailed actuarial services
  • A flexible business partnership at all levels, including risk retention
  • A facility which supports the cell captive philosophy in a secure ring-fenced, but independent environment, access to underwriting profits and investment income, in addition to normal administration and management expenses

The classes of insurance exclude all long tail business and focus on:

  • Niche homogenous insurance related products.
  • Selected commercial and personal lines facilities.
  • Class specific or multi class products.

Underwriting Managers

Captive Business Consultants Pty Ltd

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Underwriter

Chris Smit
Tel: +27 (11) 615 3640
Email: Chris@captive.co.za
Website: www.captive.co.za

Monitor Administrators (Pty) Ltd

Insurance administrators specialising in commercial risks, high volume – low premium risks and mobile device insurance.

Murray Wright
Tel: +27 (31) 818 0000
Email: monitor@monitorsa.co.za
Website: www.monitorsa.co.za

PinnAfrica Insurance Underwriting Manager (Pty) Limited

PinnAfrica provides products, services and solutions in the consumer credit insurance and related markets.

Nicole Wearne
Tel: +27 (10) 007 0069
Email: za.customerservices@pinnafrica.co.za
Website: www.pinnafrica.co.za/

HIC Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd

HIC provides structured asset protection and risk management solutions to all the many segments comprising the hospitality industry as well as all areas of the general commercial and industrial underwriting.

Denleigh Wilensky
Tel: +27 (11) 455 5271
Email: info@hicsa.co.za or denleighw@hicsa.co.za
Website: www.hicsa.co.za

Inniu Underwriting

Insurance Specialists in Large Corporate, Mining and Industrial Risks.

Richard Payne
Tel: +27 (11) 476 4420
Email: richard@inniu.co.za
Website: www.inniu.co.za

Insurance Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd

IUM offers insurance brokers extensive, comprehensive, cost-effective and tailor-made insurance solutions, allowing clients one point of contact to access our wide range of products.

IUM has an extensive range of personal and commercial insurance products and services – from cover for individuals all the way to multinational corporations.

Tel: 0861949444
Email: info@ium.co.za
Website: www.ium.co.za


Natsure is a specialist insurance business and Investor enabling their UMA partners through providing Capacity , Capability , Capital and Counsel.

Tersia Davey
Tel: +27 (0)861 477 752
Email: info@natsure.co.za
Website: www.natsure.co.za

PARTNER RISK Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Specialists in Property Damage and Business Interruption insurance covers for large commercial and corporate clients.

Gareth Baines
Tel: +27 (11)884 6782
Email: garethb@partnerrisk.co.za or underwriting@partnerrisk.co.za or claims@partnerrisk.co.za
Website: www.partnerrisk.com/


PCBS is the leading provider of Bonds and Guarantees for all sized construction companies specialising in small to medium enterprises and guaranteeing works throughout Africa.

Kesina Rwafa
Tel: +27 (11) 482 2592/2101
Email: kesina@pcbs.co.za
Website: www.pcbs.co.za


TopTrans are underwriting managers specialising in excess insurance, credit shortfall and loss of income insurance covers.

Tamerin Gonsalves
Tel: +27 (11) 622 0142/615 6907
Email: tammy@roadcom.co.za
Website: www.roadcom.co.za


Trucksurance is an experienced, innovative & cost effective insurance & risk management solutions provider to the trucking industry.

Faye Murray
Tel: +27 (33) 343 2200
Email: enquiries@trucksurance.co.za
Website: www.trucksurance.co.za


Underwriting Manager specialising in cell captive management with a presence in various African countries and Latin America.

Nick Tarlie
Tel: +27 (21) 425 6996
Email: nick@traficc.co.za
Website: www.traficc.co.za

X'S Sure

Underwriter of excess buy-downs, tyre warranties, scratch & dent cover and geyser related cover.

Danny Collins
Tel: 08600 181 40
Email: danny@xssure.co.za
Website: www.xssure.co.za