Guardrisk premium finance

Guardrisk Premium Finance (GPF) offers an attractive and comprehensive banking alternative that simplifies the spread of annual insurance premiums. In other words, we provide structured instalment finance solutions that enable clients to tailor their annual insurance premiums according to their needs.

Benefits for clients

  • VAT input credit - Clients are able to claim the annual VAT input credit upfront at the commencement of the agreement.
  • Alternative banking facility - Financing an annual insurance premium, effectively provides an additional bank facility without putting up additional security or incurring setting up expenses.
  • Cash flow planning - Financing an annual insurance premium frees working capital for investment or to cover unforeseen expenses.
  • Structured repayments - GPF helps clients structure repayments to suit their cash flow and seasonal cash requirements.
  • Interest rates - We offer fixed or variable rates that are extremely competitive.
  • Savings - By consolidating monthly policies into one annual policy, clients are able to save on debit order fees and administration costs.

Benefits for brokers

  • Complete flexibility - Brokers can place the cover with their insurer of choice and offer their clients the benefits of an annual policy paid by instalment.
  • Simplified administration - GPF handles the total collection function and we will follow up on unmet debit orders, process changes in bank account details and notify clients of all amendments and endorsements.
  • Enhanced profit - The total annual premium is paid to the broker; commission is earned upfront and boosts cash flow.
  • Competitive edge - GPF enables brokers to add value to their client offering and be more responsive to their clients needs.