Your personal accident employee benefit solution

Your employees' health, financial security and safety is important. By introducing Assistere, you protect your employees against any potential shortfalls under their existing employee benefits programme. For your benefit, we have attached a marketing document, which provides details of the various types of benefit structures available.

Please click on the Assistere automatic extensions link below for a list of the additional benefits (i.e. accidental death, permanent total disability, temporary total disability, medical expenses / hospitalisation benefits). Please note that these automatic extension are provided at no additional cost, the additional death benefit will not be applicable in the event of no underlying death benefit being selected.

A comprehensive bouquet of additional extensions (optional & automatic) available below. All optional extensions can be rated & customized to your business requirements (ie. serious illness, detention, hospital confinement plus, HIV, ARV assist, death in service etc.)


Assistere automatic extensions
Assistere Commuter PA quick product guide
Assistere FAQs
Assistere proposal
Assistere quick product guide
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Assistere serious illness schedule
Assistere SME marketing letter

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