What kind of organisation uses Guardrisk?

Guardrisk clients display one or more of the following characteristics:

They are serious about risk management

They subscribe to strict and formal risk management disciplines, characterized by:

  • investment in risk control activities to reduce frequency and severity of losses
  • retention of risk, particularly predictable losses, to reduce insurance costs
  • transfer of catastrophe exposures to the conventional market where pooling of risk reduces costs

They face difficult or expensive risks

They are particularly exposed to difficult or expensive-to-insure risks for which Guardrisk is a formal, insurance capacity building vehicle. Where more than one company faces this situation, Guardrisk can act as a mutual insurer to all of them.

They sell their own insurance

They would like to offer branded insurance products to their customers, but find it expensive to do so in the conventional market.

Niche and specialized underwriting managers

Underwriting managers offering specialized lines of insurance underwriting facilities.