Transfer of policies

Standard General Insurance Company Ltd plans to transfer long term insurance to Guardrisk Life Ltd.

Below are documents relating to the transfer of policies:

  1. FSB Notification
  2. Transfer Agreement
  3. Addendum to Transfer Agreement
  4. Resolution of the board of directors of Standard General
  5. Resolution of the board of directors of Guardrisk
  6. Annual Financial Statements of Standard General for year ended 2016
  7. Annual Financial statements of Guardrisk for year ended 2016
  8. Stangen Statutory Actuary Report
  9. Guardrisk Statutory Actuary Report
  10. Communication Notices


Please direct all telephonic queries to the Stangen call centre at 086 100 7966 or to the call centre of Guardrisk at (011) 669 1000 or to the call center of African Bank at 0861 111 011.

Email queries to in the case of Stangen or in the case of Guardrisk, or in the case of African Bank.

Alternatively, you can contact the Registrar of Long-term Insurance at