The benefits of using Guardrisk

Guardrisk offers its clients custom designed cover

Licensed for all classes of cover

Guardrisk offers its clients custom designed cover and is registered in South Africa as an insurer for all statutory classes of short-term and life insurance business.

Through their equity participation (cell ownership) in Guardrisk, clients have access to a wide range of benefits previously enjoyed only by insurers:

  • the cell's underwriting profits
  • the cell's investment income, less our investment fee
  • decreased administration costs
  • access to capital and wholesale markets
  • access to reinsurance markets
  • access to international risk financing facilities
  • increased corporate governance

Prudent risk management

Because the profitability of the cell is directly related to the level of claims, the client has a real financial incentive to manage the risks written through the cell. This inevitably results in more prudent risk management programmes and principles.