Actuarial services

We provide actuarial expertise, helping clients with:

Capital modelling and risk management

The move to risk based capital regulation fundamentally impacts your business. Guardrisk Actuarial Services calculates capital requirements for all its clients. We can help you manage your capital requirements and explain its impact on your business. This includes:

  • calculating and projecting solvency capital requirements;
  • refining your internal model calibration;
  • exploring your effective use of capital; and
  • outlining capital requirements associated with your future strategy.

Premium rating

Cell owners accept insurance risk in return for a profit, but that profit will only materialise if the premium rates charged are financially sound. We regularly assess financial soundness of premium rates for new or existing products. This includes:

  • analysing claims experience together with exposures in the portfolio to produce claim frequencies and claim severities;
  • using statistical software to identify risk and rating factors for your rating structure; and
  • estimating the expected costs for new innovative products that can feed into cell owners’ business plans.


How much should cell owners set aside in provisions when reporting their results? We regularly calculate claims and premium provisions for both the life and non-life business lines of our clients. This includes:

  • using actuarial projections based on triangles and discounted cash flow techniques using leading actuarial software;
  • calculating embedded values for new and existing clients so that profitability and risk can be measured and understood better, and
  • ensuring compliance with the latest statutory requirements.

Data analytics

The amount of information around us is doubling in volume every three years. Are you getting the most out of your data? We regularly assist our clients to analyse their portfolio. This includes:

  • identifying underlying trends and suggesting corrective action;
  • identifying opportunities revealed within your information;
  • forecasting results given experience to date; and
  • contextualising your risk better with the aid of sensitivity and stress testing.


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Actuarial services
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